Our Vision

WeOne was founded with one goal in mind: to revolutionize the way enterprises manage their technical training.

The concept of WeOne was envisioned by Deeptesh Verma, supported by his brother Preetesh Verma and his father Diwakar Verma. They wanted to create an application that would have a positive impact on the society. What better than WeOne could have they ideated? Even the name WeOne shows how they want people to unite on one platform and be benefitted together.

It is one unique idea coming to life with your help, both advertisers and users. Thus, we have outlined our plan of action keeping both the communities in mind:

    1) Customer is the King

  • You must have heard that old saying ‘’Customer is the King’’. For us that is exactly our doctrine. We care about you and we know how important you are to our societal economy. We aim to help you in earning easy money just by watching a few advertisements! What’s the harm in earning some extra money, isn’t it? We have enabled an intelligent bridge between you and the advertisers which ensures that you earn optimum revenue.
  • 2) The right platform for your advertisements

  • You know your brand has potential and given a chance, it will be liked by the public. But you don’t know what is the best medium of conveying your message. We understand, and that’s what inspired us to come up with this concept. Forget about your budget constraints and advertise with us at reasonable rates with certain responses. This is the gateway towards attracting more viewers to your product!
  • Why not both viewers and advertisers should be at advantage at one go? We have planned our application in such a way that it suits both our user base and advertisers, both should be benefitted with our endeavours ensuring a smooth business ecosystem. WeOne is a reliable application that just aims to cater to your needs. We want you to come forward and be part of our communication chain.
  • Network

  • Some of our users face network problems for which we have a support system that operates from 10am to 6pm. This helpline helps us to locate & analyze the ongoing problems which we troubleshoot on an everyday bases.
  • Data used here is often mainly focused on advertisement which are used to buffer mainstream media top technology and gadgets are used in our application on various platform to keep it real.