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End to End Communication

WeOne is the best platform to connect consumers with Advertisers. It enables advertisers to share their ads on the application for a nominal cost, and on the other hand viewers are paid for patiently viewing three ads in a day. By following this barter method, we can bridge the gap between advertisers and their audience. The primary characteristic of this application is that each ad is uploaded with a tab for instant action that redirects the user on the webpage of advertisers. This instigates the users to contact the advertisers according to their needs.

Incentive Based

Millennials spend a lot of time online these days, especially on Tube channels which offer a variety of videos for our entertainment. We thought about it and concluded why not be paid for watching videos in our leisure time? That’s where WeOne came into existence. WeOne is an incentive based application which pays its viewers for watching ads on the application. We guarantee that they will definitely reap monetary benefits by using this app. Moreover, users may find a few advertisements useful to meet their daily needs too. Sounds like a win-win situation to us! Don’t you think?

Brand Solutionst

WeOne ensures that both users and advertisers should be benefitted by the application. Every day we see a lot of advertisements around us but what is their effectiveness? We don’t know how audience will react when they will come across our advertisement, they might like it they might not. Every advertisement is just another litmus test without any concrete results as such. So here, we have formulated one stop platform to allow users to explore ads and given the power to take action on the spot with our ‘Call to Action’ tab. This will increase an advertiser’s connection their target audience.

Connecting Advertisers with the right audience

Keeping in mind everybody’s needs and desires we have formulated a simple survey on our application. A user needs to fill up that survey while registering. This helps us in segregating ads and catering it to our audience on the basis of their interests. It is important for advertisers to tap their target audience but advertising in media is so vast, it is nearly impossible to know who all have been attracted to the ad; on WeOne we have made it possible. This way we also establish an interpersonal relationship between advertisers and audience.

Result Oriented

There is a reason why 25,00,000 users are connected with us. WeOne has proved its authenticity maintaining verified user base and timely meeting our commitments. Over 200 advertisers have advertised on WeOne and reaped the positive results. Brands have procured loyal customers on WeOne, that is why we take pride in the outcome of our app. From on-time transactions to Call to Action supported by multi-faceted management, we have proved our capabilities.

Interactive Interface

We have a user-friendly interface with minimalist content which makes it easy for a person to explore the app. The videos appear on the homepage of the application to avoid hassles for the users to navigate on some other page. All the primary options such as ___, ____, ____ and ____ are present on the header of the application. Other options such as customer support and tutorial of the app are present on the side bar. We have resorted to minimalist interface after testing it with the users. We have implemented this project considering the convenience of the viewers.


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