Know more about us.

WeOne is a fun app. It pays the users for watching advertisements.
Anyone willing to stay connected with her/his contacts, willing to earn money or both can download the app. To earn the money you only need to have an Indian bank account and an Indian phone number.
Even minors can enjoy the benefit of earning but strictly under parental guidance. Also the money will be deposited in the minor account which according to the banking rules is handled by parents
The money will be coming from the advertisers

Why does it pay the audiences?

WeOne believes in the betterment of society. The money that is paid comes from the advertisers as they directly reach the customers and get a confirmation that their advertisement is viewed.
The amount paid will depend on how many ads you watch in a month. You can earn unlimited through WeOne
No, although with Pan Card TDS will be charged at normal rate. And if Pan Card is not provided TDS
Charged will be 20%
What was the motive behind creating such app?
WeOne is born out of a strong belief that a consumer deserves to rewarded for sitting through Advertisements
An individual will have to see 3 ads a day.
The advertisement shown will be decent. These ads will be shown on the basis of age and gender of the user specific
A Tube is where you can watch videos and advertisements.
The amount of money earned will be seen in the WeOne app and will be transferred via a Mobile Wallet.
The app can be downloaded and used anywhere in the world but to earn money you need to submit your official personal ID's.
No, there is no advertisement of WeOne on air as of now, but we are always looking forward to make ourselves better.
The ads will be of not more than 30secs to 1 minute
As WeOne is a messenger, it allows you to chat day and night. WeOne also gives you an opportunity to earn money and is very user friendly.
Yes, You can download it on multiple devices but to earn money you are only allowed to use it on one device.
Yes, the app is absolutely free and there is no hidden cost