WeOne was founded with one goal in mind: to revolutionize the way enterprises manage their technical training.

Better Inventory

As a leading internet marketing agency our social cause is to deliver propaganda for people to earn through advertisement. We mainly focus on society welfare valued in terms of the site traffic or ad views that the publisher can deliver to the advertiser.

The cost of an ad inventory may be calculated in several ways publisher charge an advertiser based on the number of leads the site has generated.


Real results

    Real results

  • Our organization has a criteria progress with perfection. Our team generates adversity and good faith in our clients which in turn keeps our users motivated to use our app. The focus is mainly given to advertisement watching and daily activities taken place to earn money through views.
  • The amount of data that is being used to develop this application has various parameters attached to it.
  • Connectivity

  • Make sure wither the user have a good flow of network connection and data. It differs from connection and data. It differs from person to person as the technology used to operate communication is suitable and well trusted.
  • Network

  • Some of our users face network problems for which we have a support system that operates from 10am to 6pm. This helpline helps us to locate & analyze the ongoing problems which we troubleshoot on an everyday bases.
  • Data used here is often mainly focused on advertisement which are used to buffer mainstream media top technology and gadgets are used in our application on various platform to keep it real.


Demography- age, gender, what kind of people will use this application.realating to the study of changes that occur in large group of people over period of time Age 16to60 years (people who can use) Gender-male/female (both) Classes-high/middle/low . Basically the weone application is used both by general and commercial public all together by most of the age group and is pertly popular amongst them.

Reporting & Insight

“There is no better time than now to do what you love “

You have probably heard stories about people earning online and thought can I do this? While earning thousands of rupees can be unrealistic you can start earning rewards quickly especially if you have strong power of social base through which the general public can earn .the user can earn 15 paisa from 3ads he has to buffer and cant skip the video to fulfill the desired ad.



We give our weone family one of best offers and services to create progress of advertisement viewing.

There are more than 1, 00,000 users who currently active & enjoy the benefits of being a part of wone family. Our main objective is to give something back to general public and become one of the most enlightened & best organizations on the planet.

Visitor for interest reports

Visitors are often opened with welcome hands in our organization. Now they can earn while watching and we can pay them for this. This Smartphone app only needs to be tapped so that you can get points whenever you watch promotional ads and convince your friends to do the same.

It provides you an opportunity to earn rewards during your spare time you can also expect to depend on this app your main source of income. The reports suggest that we are crossing the avg limitation and exceeding further users. By the end of this year. It’s an amazing journey with some amazing & amazing application. So let’s get the best for it is yet to come.


Brand solution

Our ultimate goal is to take the confusion and complication out of finding options to earn rewards without going anywhere various measures have been taken by our hardworking team members to resolve everyday queries/problem & they make sure that the issues are solve

We all are one and together we can make the best of thing happen.

Its for the people by the people by the people

Ad Format of weone

Mp4 (320x400) (300x400) (300x250) these are three sizes that are mainly available on this format.


As reported in weone market report mid of year.

  • 29% of people daily seven times are spent looking at Smartphone.
  • global mobile data traffic grew 70%.
  • mobile media time spent is higher at 51% compared to desktop in India.
  • available on all screens.
  • can be executed in large volumes.
  • cheapest format.
  • very quick to display.
  • easy to integrate.
  • limited space
  • quickly fall into the blindness syndromes with an animated content display. Its still not as efficient as its other counterpart (as you will see more below)

Premium brand solution

Weone is one of the most suitable app created for the public

Our company has focused mainly on advertisement watching & earning.The three ads which you watch on a daily basis make your earning income level rise from week to week. We maintain daily check up routines on our customers & our clients so it’s really important for the people to get what they want.

Primary motive of weone

  • Deliver proper earning to the users & keep them satisfied upto the user & keep them satisfied upto the mark.
  • Spread smile ,wide across the country & get them the best services available
  • Connecting people through the awesome networking strategies and make new friends on the go.
  • One thing that might help us is that we evaluate options to think of our brand as a promise to publics