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We all know Advertisements are a creative method of communicating about several goods and services available in the market. Advertising is not just a communication tool, but an investment. An investment which is not regarded as important, but brands know that how important ads are to trigger profit maximisation. It persuades the mindset of public and makes them realise their needs and desires. They contribute in setting a person’s goals. Without advertisements, one wouldn’t know hat to purchase to suit their needs, and what not to. Advertisements gives person a chance to compare between various products in the market in terms of their usage, price, feature etc. Advertisements are surrounding us, they are a part of our economic system, and even if people don’t realise their advantages, it is certain that they are a source of awareness and infotainment for us.

We see them every day, on hoardings, pamphlets, newspapers, television, listen to them radio, and nowadays watch them on internet too. Although, a lot of people change channels or skip advertisements because it wavers their attention and lacks motivation for them. We have a solution to this problem. Listen up!

WeOne is that one platform that will save advertisements from running into oblivion. It is an application wherein YOU, the users get monetary benefits for viewing advertisements. It establishes an end to end communication with its ‘Call to Action’ feature. If you like an advertisement and find it useful they can connect with the advertisers further. Both users and advertisers will be benefitted with this platform. This game-changing concept is valuable for both public and brands. For brands, their recall value and dissemination will be effective at nominal rates. And, for people, they can earn extra income just by watching three advertisements in a day!
Isn’t that a unique deal?


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