Business Background

Our participation in Digital India.

WeOne App is a mobile application that is available in Android and iOS. WeOne app aims at changing the messaging experience of the end user. This app doesn’t limit itself just to messaging and socialising. The WeOne app screens advertisements, which if watched by the user, PAYS the user. It is a social connecting and network building platform.


Viewers / Customers

  • We have viewers of all age group. Anyone willing to stay connected with his/her contacts, willing to earn money or both can download the app. They need to have an active bank account to earn money. Even minors can enjoy the benefit of earning but strictly under parental guidance.
  • We have users/viewers from all over India. WeOne app is currently running in India ONLY.
  • People staying abroad can also download the app and use it as a messenger but in order to earn they need to have an Indian bank account and an Indian phone number.

Advertisors / Clients

  • We are targeting all kind of commercial advertisements. We advertise there products at a very reasonable rates with authentic and confirmed views.


Reasons for choosing Advertisements in our application.

  • WeOne is born out of a strong belief that a consumer deserves to be rewarded for sitting through advertisements. Advertising is a big market and normal audiences can be benefitted by it.

Market description

  • According to survey an advertiser invests round about
  • 5,00,000Rs on social media marketing
  • 1,20,000 Rs on newspaper marketing
  • 3,50,000 Rs on TV marketing for 10 seconds
  • WeOne is the solution they need and revolution society wants!

Target Clients

  • Our target clients are all commercial advertisers

Advantages of services offered by WeOne

  • WeOne App segregates the users on the basis of age, sex and location. We give the advertiser the liberty of screening the commercial to the selected group of users.
  • WeOne app also gives the advertiser assurance that the targeted audience is watching the whole screened commercial.

Production limitations as well as prospects

  • The advertisements should not be of more than 1 minute
  • We do not promote controversial, religious or governmental advertisements.

Pricing Structure

  • All Advertisements are accepted on the basis that they will be paid for at the applicable rates set out in the applicable rate card on the date of publication.

Demand Flexibility

  • WeOne is flexible enough in placing the advertisements in the appropriate zone so as to get the optimum result of the advertisement placed.

Client Purposes, Approaches and Needs

  • PURPOSE: To advertise the advertisements to genuine and authentic viewers.
  • APPROACHES: Give a verified target audience, segregated with different criteria’s as per the client requirement.
  • NEEDS: Is to reach the right TARGET audience and to get the desired ROI ( Return On Investment)

Technical as well as Government Limitation imposed on the product promotion

  • Any information supplied in connection with the Advertisement should be accurate, complete, true and not misleading.
  • All Advertisements submitted for publication online will be free of any viruses, adware, malware, bit torrents, and no Advertisement will cause an adverse effect on the operation of the WeOne mobile application
  • The Advertisement will not be prejudicial to the image or reputation of WeOne App and will not contain anything with WeOne App in good faith considers to be offensive or otherwise inappropriate.
  • The Advertisements are legal, decent, honest and truthful, are not contrary to the provisions of any applicable law and are not libelous or obscene and do not infringe the rights of any person (including any person's intellectual property rights)



  • All Advertisements are accepted on the basis that they will be paid for at the applicable rates set out in the applicable rate card on the date of publication. WeOne App may change its rates at any time by publishing the modified rates at Any changes to the rates will take effect immediately. However, any changes to the applicable rates will not apply to any orders made prior to the date of such change.
  • All sums payable to WeOne should be made in accordance with WeOne Financial Terms & Conditions which are: Unless a customer has applied for and been accepted as a credit account customer, WeOne will provide services only on a pre-payment basis, with receipt of cleared funds prior to the booking being confirmed.
  • WeOne App’s standard payment terms are cleared funds 28 days from date of invoice. If the due date falls on a weekend or bank holiday the payment is due on the first working day immediately prior to the due date. As payment is due as cleared funds, under current banking arrangements, cheques should be dispatched and payment by bank transfer should be processed by the customer three working days prior to the due date. WeOne App reserve the right to charge interest on late payment at 4%


  • Commercial Advertisements


  • The Advertisements will be screened on the advertisement section in the WeOne app


  • 2 way interactive video promotion.


  • We have segregated our audiences on the basis of age, gender, location and interests.
  • We are concentrating on providing a better lifestyle to the economically needy parts of the society.


  • We are a digital media based product and have monopoly over the market.
  • We are one of a kind in the market!


  • The money which will be distributed among the users will be the money an advertiser will pay for the screening of their commercial.
  • Currently, we are on our demo period.


  • We are one of a kind in the market
  • We are a digital media based product and have monopoly over the market.
  • Our uniqueness is that unlike any other app we give our users monetary rewards for patient sitting through advertisement.
  • The payment will be in Indian rupee and depends on the users dedication to the app.